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Get Your Real Estate License (Coming Soon!) Renew Your Real Estate License for the 1st Time Continuing Education (2nd Year and Beyond)
OR Renewal Package C
This Oregon license renewal package contains 30 Clock Hour Real Estate Finance and a FREE 3 Hour, Law & Rule Required Course (LARRC). This package is suitable for your renewal in Oregon and covers the required course hours.
Price:$ 129.00

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Package Details


Satisfies a 30 Clock Hour License Renewal. Package includes:

  • Real Estate Finance (30 Clock Hours)
  • Law & Rule Required Course (3 Clock Hours)  
  • Oregon Ethics

All courses taken ONLINE.

Package – 33 total Clock Hours

Oregon CE Finance 

1. Financing Real Estate 
2. Loan Institutions 
3. Descriptive Loan Titles 
4. The Financial Market 
5. Federal Discrimination Laws 
6. Financing A Real Estate Purchase 
7. Interest Mathematics 
8. Security Devices Part 1 
9. Security Devices Part 2 
10. Security Devices Part 3 
11. Loan Characteristics 
12. Real Estate Appraisal 
13. Appraisal Method 
14. Comparing Residential Properties 
15. Investing In Rental Real Estate 
16. Investments In Real Estate 
17. Oregon Loan Characteristics 
18. Security Devices In Oregon 
19. Securities Regulation by the State of Oregon 
20. Registration Under the Oregon Securities Law 

Law & Rule Requried Course
1. Licensee Administrative Rules & Statutes
2. Changes by Senate Bill 156
3. ORS 557
4. Radon Gas

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