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Oregon Advanced Practices
Oregon Advanced Practices
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Course Title: Oregon Advanced Practices
Clock Hours: 30
Course Number: ORPL.30.101230.01
Requires Final Exam: Yes, 60 question Final Exam. (Passing Score is 80% or higher)
Editors: EM,SN,JN
Last Updated On: 9/13/2011 @ 11:44 AM
Course Description: Oregon Advanced Practices - 30 Clock Hours The Advanced Real Estate Practices course may be used to satisfy continuing education requirements, if approved by the licensee's principal broker. This course is approved by the Real Estate Agency to meet the first renewal 30 hour requirements for newly licensed individuals. The course will cover the required areas of study for Advanced Practices. The area of study begins with the study of business ethics. This will include the Oregon Cannons of Professional Ethics and the trend toward ethical consumerism. This will include going over the requirements of Anti-Trust Legislation by the Federal Government and the State of Oregon. The course will discuss current events within the real estate profession regarding agency law changes, the problem of illegal drug houses and their disclosure requirements. Other new changes will include the Landlord Tenant Act, agency representation, and the economics of the real estate profession. The course will conclude with in depth investigations and increase penalties for misrepresentation and negligence of licensees. This will include actual REA penalties lodged against licensees who misrepresented clients or conducted business in a negligent manner.
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